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Eco-Friendly Products

Bio-based & Biodegradable Materials (Bio-Materials)

Materials for marine industry made of PLA (poly-lactic acid) and modifiers.
Little degradations while stored and used, biotic degradation on seabed after spilling.

Biomass Rope (3 strand rope, 8strand rope, rope diameter: 4 – 40mm)

* Specific gravity: Approx. 1.25
*A side benefit: Biomass Rope enhances the growth of Seaweed (experimental results)
* Contains more than 70% biomass feedstock, and obtained JBPA Biomass Mark
(JBPA: Japan Bioplastics Association)

Octopus Pod

* A side benefit: Compare to PE Octopus Pod, the fishing amount of Bio-Octopus Pod was 1.7times in our fishing trial (in Fukui Prefecture, Japan)

Sandbags, Cloths (width: 1050mm)

Cable Ties (Length 150mm, Width 4.8mm)

Materials Recycled from Used Fishing Net

Recycling Fishing Net (contain 12% recycled material)

Pellets made from discarded polyethylene fishing nets

Polyethylene (PE)

R&B Polyethylene Series (Recycle and Black Polyethylene Series)

R&B Polyethylene Fiber, Twine, Rope and Netting (Ultra-Cross Netting)

An example of Use: Aquacultural Net Pen (Miyagi pref., Japan)